What is FAB?
Fab stands for Fund for A new Community Centre in Beeton. It is made up of 22 community leaders; representatives from a variety of local stakeholder groups, including Councillor Richard Norcross
and Mayor Rick Milne. FAB coordinates numerous fundraising events throughout the year e.g. FAB Golf Tournament. Approximately $200,000 raised to date for building the Beeton Community Centre. FAB’s commitment is to raise $500K of the funds required.

Mission Statement
FAB is a community group dedicated to raising $500,000 toward building a new multipurpose Community Centre in the Urban Centre of Beeton.

Guiding Design Principles
- Aligned with the Leisure and Culture Master Plan 2008
- Reflects pertinent recommendations of the Beeton Community Centre Feasibility Study
- Reflects current and future trends in healthy living, recreation, culture and community development
- Remains centrally located and fulfills a wide range of service needs
- Environmentally friendly with operational efficiencies
- Linked with Library, Town Square and Main Street